The idea for Turf Savvy came when one of the site's creators tried to research a move from Boston to New York City. For someone who believed they could Google anything, it was a disheartening experience. The results were either junk content, a couple of sentences on a realtor's website, or travel guides aimed at tourists. Nothing to help find a neighborhood or plan a move.

Fast forward a year or two, and Turf Savvy was born. Everything on the site is something you would learn within a few weeks or even days of moving into a neighborhood, we just want to give you that information before you arrive. We hope that you find this site helpful and that it makes your big move just a little easier.

Note: The vast majority of the exquisite neighborhood photos on the site were taken by award-winning photographer Navid Baraty. To check out Navid's other work, including more pictures of New York City, visit his website at